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Culti Nova creates an atmosphere that is relaxing, meditative, and peaceful. There is a warm mix of orange and herbs in these fragrance sticks, including sesame, cinnamon, and white pepper. This fragrance has a balsamic base with pine wood and gives a soft feeling of reconnection to the earth.  

Decor diffuser - Nova


A journey among the stars, in the universe of our mind. The Nova capsule collection has the colors of a distant galaxy, to be explored with an enveloping and dreamlike fragrance that smells of distant worlds. Nova welcomes autumn by taking us into an infinitely vast and at the same time deeply intimate space, surprising us with changing shades and reflections.

Notes: Sesame, Cinnamon, Pine wood

Family: Woody

Facet: Spiced

Collection: Decor

Vittoria Profumi's advice: Place the diffuser in the living area, private areas and in the studio. Nova is a spicy woody fragrance. Indicated in the colder seasons


Turn the rattan sticks. The frequency with which the rattan sticks are turned determines the intensity of the fragrance, the more often they are turned upside down, the stronger it will be. To modulate the effect, only a few can be rotated.
The duration of the fragrance. The too large size of the room, the high temperature, direct sunlight, exposure to air currents are factors that can accelerate evaporation and therefore reduce the duration of the fragrance. Place the diffuser away from light, heat sources and currents and consider a diffuser of an appropriate size for the surface of the room.
Tips for an endless fragrance. To make a fragrance last longer it is useful to keep the liquid in the bottle always at the level of the curvature, so as to reduce the evaporation surface. It will be sufficient to buy a refill of the same fragrance to be poured frequently into the diffuser bottle.


40-60sqm Format 500ml


SIZE 500ml