About Us

is the place to find your persona and reflect it wherever you are! We believe in quality,
luxury and style. You can elevate your home and office experience to give your space the touch that reflects who you are. 
“CULTI is an individual project, a way of life, culture of ambient:
culture and knowledge of being well.”

CULTI was created from a perceptive intuition from the ec lectic mind of Alessandro Agrati. He instinctively understood, well ahead of his time, that spaces and objects could also have signature scents, that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality in addition to beautiful things in pleasing spaces.In 1988 Alessandro Agrati embarked upon his personal journey of research into the link between the world of design and the world of the senses, something that would revolutionise the very way in which people experience spaces and objects.

This inspired the name CULTI. The project, interweaving culture and style, has followed a purposeful creative path over the past 30 years, becoming a brand with a distinctly personal spirit. Personal like culture, which is shaped by our everyday experiences. Personal like a scent, with the power to conjure up memories. CULTI is much more than a home fragrance, it is Culture of Ambience, an approach to experiencing our spaces as unique and welcoming environments.


“Culture of ambience means creating spaces for the people, where objects and senses come together.”





Culti has always been linked to Milan, the capital of Made in Italy design. Milan is in fact the location for the headquarters and the historic boutique at 53 Corso Venezia. The showroom, located on one of the most upscale shopping thoroughfares of Milan, is a welcoming lounge where customers have been coming to explore the world of CULTI for 20 years.

CULTI HOUSE is a multi-sensory space, which embodies the values of the brand and its products through the selection and blending of materials, leaving the customer with the sensation of having enjoyed an unforgettable experience.


“An object can be scented as well as beautiful, inspiring the senses.”




CULTI is the scent diffuser. The original, the one and only. The diffuser speaks of the thoroughly Italian art of finding beauty in unexpected objects: the milk bottle that was delivered every morning to the door of his childhood home inspired Alessandro Agrati when choosing the bottle to contain his fragrances. With its essential form, soft and slender at the same time, the purity of this familiar yet elegant bottle is accentuated and becomes a refined decorative object, which enriches spaces with its discreet presence.


Rattan sticks are the natural progression of this simple approach. Placed casually in a perfume bottle, rattan sticks have proved to be a wonderful vehicle for diffusing scent in a completely natural, continuous and uniform way. Together with the bottle, rattan sticks immediately became iconic pieces of design – elegant, simple and beautifully perfumed – the foundations of the Culture of Ambience.